Framing Services

Conservation Framing

Conservation Framing is recommended for any artwork which holds a significant value for the owner of the art.

This perceived value may be monetary, sentimental, historical or any combination of these things.

Items such as these deserve a little extra care in the way they are handled and framed in order to preserve their value for many years to come.

Needlework Framing

Needlework is an art form that demands time and attention to detail. We approach your framing needs with the same focus and attention to detail to arrive at a completed piece that attractively showcases your work while keeping it safe for future generations to enjoy.We are happy to take the time you need to find just the right mats and frame to bring out your needlework’s beauty. Your work is stretched by hand, sewn in place and tape sealed all with UV resistant and archival materials.

Mat Decoration

We specialize in applying hand carved designs and embellishments onto mat board.

All of this work is done freehand, using an x-acto knife to cut the design into the matboard – first in one direction and then the other –  in order  to remove a thin strip of colored face paper and expose the inner core of the board.

Photo Retouch

…So you decide to have your favorite pictures framed – UH OH! some are large, most are small, some black and white, some in color, some are faded, others torn, and in many pictures (the ones photographed by other people of course!) the composition and exposure leave much to be desired – how will you frame such a motley group of mismatched items and display them in a stunningly beautiful presentation worthy of a place on the Living Room Wall?

PHOTO RETOUCH is the answer, and you can have it done right at Access Picture Framing