Design Visualization

We use Integrated Framer Visualization software by Wizard International in our shop as an aid to visualizing what a completed frame design will look like. We have a dedicated digital camera mounted on the ceiling above our design table. This camera is connected through our visualization software to a 32" television monitor. The process of visualization is very quick and easy, and proceeds as follows.

To start, we will suggest a frame design or a selection of frame designs in the normal fashion.
We will ask questions about your preferences, about where the art will hang, and we will discuss any technical details regarding the type of art you have in order to narrow the design down to a manageable number of choices.
These choices will be represented by corner samples of mat and frame materials, which will be laid out on the design table surrounding your art.
At this point, we will take a picture of the art and corner samples using the overhead camera. Turning to the software program, we can set scale size, select colours and measurements as desired, all within a couple of minutes. When this is done, a simple click of the mouse will display a digitally created representation of your artwork completely framed with the chosen materials
Because the input is so quick, several designs can easily be entered and saved in the viewer, these different designs can then be displayed on the screen together to aid you in making your decision.

click on the link below to see a short video of the process produced by the software manufacturer

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