Photo Retouch

Everybody has a collection of treasured photographs which document the important people, events and memories that make up the personal history of our lives. Most of those photographs lie in boxes and drawers, occasionally in albums or on the hard drive of our computers, only to be enjoyed sporadically or by chance when tidying up the house or on a quiet nostalgic evening when there is nothing good on TV! What a great idea it would be to choose the most meaningful of these memories and put them on display where they can be seen, enjoyed and shared every single day

...So you decide to have your favorite pictures framed - UH OH! some are large, most are small, some black and white, some in color, some are faded, others torn, and in many pictures (the ones photographed by other people of course!) the composition and exposure leave much to be desired - how will you frame such a motley group of mismatched items and display them in a stunningly beautiful presentation worthy of a place on the Living Room Wall?


PHOTO RETOUCH is the answer, and you can have it done right at Access Picture Framing where we now offer photographic services to complete your Custom Framing experience.  From simple cropping, re-sizing and re-printing to more complex repair and enhancement, photographic services become an integral part of your frame design process from the ground up - allowing us to advise and suggest the perfect solutions throughout the framing project; from selection, to sizing, color, layout and overall style.

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