Mat Decoration


We specialize in applying hand carved designs and embellishments onto mat board.

All of this work is done freehand, using an x-acto knife to cut the design into the matboard - first in one direction and then the other -  in order  to remove a thin strip of colored face paper and expose the inner core of the board.

Designs can be very simple or very complex, depending on the needs of each picture. A small embellishment can draw attention to an element within the picture,  or a carving can become an integral part of the overall design - augmenting, rather than merely complementing the original artwork.

Carving can be combined with other mat treatments such as freehand openings, v-grooved lines, ink lines and painted panels.
Our overall design philosophy is to add only as much decoration as is necessary to enhance the physical appearance of the finished framing job without detracting from the artwork's presentation.


Created with colored artist pastel and Acrylic paints, Fantasy Panels are a new twist on a traditional form of mat decoration known as 'French Matting'.

Fantasy Panels can be bold or subtle, depending on colors and textures utilized. They can be soft and unbounded or sharply defined with ink lines. Panels can be set away from the artwork or placed so close to the mat opening that the design actually wraps over the cut bevel of the mat.

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